Religious Organizations and Health Care
Religious Organizations and Health Care  2/22/2012
Here we go again with the latest hammer on the consumer. Recently the Catholic Church has put pressure on the administration to not include birth control and limit prenatal care. Health care in America is domain of these large organizations the plummet the resources, including religious organizations. They claim non profit status which is about as phony as anything. What a joke. Again the middle class get pushed further into a corner, to further the wealth of a few. Time to wake up America. Its all being taken away piece by piece.

Older Worker Discrimination  2/1/2012
The costs of health care unfairly discriminates against older workers. The cost of health insurance for older workers is far greater than that of younger workers. This creates a significant difference for employers hiring new employees. This is unacceptable, when an older worker pays for health care their entire life and when they need it most and need to keep working, they are cut off from both. Some kind of democracy we have here.

Social Media, What its really for  4/21/2010
For all the ills of social media, finally there is a place it can find its day in the spotlight. Social Democracy. The demonstrations of the 60's only lacked such a meeting ground for all to the spread the news about what was really going on. The tyranny of the banks and corporations have taken modern societies to the brink of a global melt down. I suppose 99% of the wealth was simply not good enough for the 1% that controls it all. The day has come for these plutocrats to answer to us all. Thy still want more tax breaks and credits, to seduce us into creating jobs. What a total joke. We have come to realize that the ballot box and simply writing our government representatives is NOT good enough. We must have feet on the street with protests to scare the politicians into meaningful change.

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