The basic stability of a country lies in a sound banking system. In a new report, financial institutions made 30% of all profits in this country. Banks love the boom and bust economy. They promote it when they need a little extra cash. One of the debates when the founding father wrote the constitution, was that of having private or public banking. I think we have had quite enough of private banking, credit card ripoffs, payday loans. The list goes on and on. If anyone wanted to start a new financial product, they could do it with little regulation. If we wanted to start a hot dog stand in our city, we would need endless permits. Its time we had a stable public owned banking system in America. I think the rest of the world is a little tired of America's ponzi schemes as well. Banks need to protect our money, provide good loans and that's it!. The last thing we need is the banks to do is play risky bets with all our money and yet that is exactly what they did. The republicans want you to believe that the private sector banks give us the most value for services. REALLY ??? Just like the health care companies? Bottom line is these are giant monopolies playing the 99% of us for suckers that won't take a stand.